Wednesday, 30 September 2009


These three are all images I took a couple of years ago, and I'm posting them as I have no new material. Working full time has made me appreciate the amount of free time I used to take for granted, and how I need to organise my time better.
The first image was taken in my local town centre
The second in Manchester, outside Primark...I'm sure many have felt the same way as this particular man
The third is of the grounds of an old stately home near Leeds...a very beautiful and serene place - I want it.
As ever, click to enlarge each shot, and all comments are appreciated


Anonymous said...

nice. the last one is brilliant.


Rod | BouncedPhoton said...

Nice dynamic shots, last one a bit moody though. Typical English weather, eh? ;-)
First one is my favourite, blurring out the background is a good trick. Helps to focus on the main subject. Love it how you freezed the moment.

samantha said...

love the bw contrast in the first two. just awesome!

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