Sunday, 11 October 2009


Another 3shot post..I will try and take some new shots today, I have a new idea I want to try out that is based on Architectural photography.
Shot 1: You may have seen on the news that we are meant to see more Spiders as they have enjoyed excellent conditions for breeding. This was taken at a underground passage in my town, where spiders live in and around the lights that illuminate this passage.
Shot 2: What I love about Street Photography is that it isn't always planned, you take your camera and yourself, and take photos, and sometimes its only when you get home you get time to examine what you've taken..this is one of those times. The shop in the background and this man in his pose were there by complete chance - I was happy with the shot.
Shot 3: An emerald coloured tree taken through an old, rotting window.
As ever, click to enlarge, and thanks for the comments on the previous photos


Andrei Barbu said...

Great shots, i like the one with spider! Great colors and light effects! In the second one i like the composition and framing! In the last one u have very interesting angle, good colors and details! Beautiful images, very well done!!

Anonymous said...

wow! the first image is brilliant.

faisal from

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