Monday, 12 October 2009

I like doing interior photography, but recently I've been thinking about the time it takes, and how many shots you will take to get to the right settings, and then composing it, and then composing differents shots together to get one final photo - and often, unless the interior is really cool, you wonder whether it was worth it.
So I decided to take some shots whilst walking back to my car from work (Trafford Centre), but the camera on a 1 or 1.5 second shutter speed, and then took shots as I was walking back.
I'm pleased with the shots, they show movement and document my journey, and I can see elements of the TC when looking at them. My younger brother said they were crap and look like they were taken by accident...what do you think?
I'll post my favourite of all the shots next time.
Enlarge to see a full view :-)


Rod | Bounced Photon said...

Not an easy one to answer. Good image suppose to bring out some memories or emotions or both. So, if these snapshots get some neuron chains moving for you that’s good. However, as I never been at that place and did not see those colors and patterns it is pretty much abstract work for me.

P.S. I like the middle one.

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